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The Corbo Group, Custom Home Builder Since 1977

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Former educators Ralph and Natalie Corbo founded Corbo Associates Inc. in 1977. After building their first "Dream Home," Ralph and Natalie were inspired to turn their love for architecture into a passion for building quality homes for others. Thorough and inquisitive research has always been deep-rooted in the Corbo family since their early days as high school library/media specialists. Carrying those skills into the home building industry, they bring the latest ideas to their customers through their experience, training and continuing education — all while managing the day-to-day operations of their business.

Continuing a family tradition of excellence, Colin Corbo joined the firm in 2003 as a project manager and chief technology consultant. Colin graduated from the University of Nevada in 1996 with an Art Degree in Digital Media and a minor in Business Administration. His educational background and four years of professional graphic design experience added a new dimension to the Corbo Group's goals of quality, innovation and technology in their homes.

Our Mission
Our mission is to create homes that enhance their overall natural surroundings and community. With persistent planning and innovation we ensure that our award winning homes invite comfortable, relaxing and family-oriented lifestyles. This helps us create homes of remarkable value, and to please our customers beyond their expectations. 

Design with Experience and CreativityA beautiful home by the Corbo Group
With more than three decades of experience in award-winning artistic design, we carefully draft a concept of the unique home you've always wanted. We keep spatial proportions and creative living elements at the forefront of our designs, to create a feeling of place and presence when you walk into your new Home by Corbo.

Exceptional Planning and Construction
We've learned from experience that first-class, well thought out homes are built on a foundation of exceptional planning; and we always plan knowing that our homes are meant to be lived in by real families. Driven by this dedication to careful planning, the Corbo Group has constructed hundreds of homes, commercial buildings and historic restorations.

We complete each home and building with superior construction techniques and materials. Our homes are built with energy efficient techniques and materials. With a sense of pride and accomplishment, we value attention to detail, critical research and manufacturer guidelines. Every Home by CORBO is personally supervised by a family member, ensuring that every home is built to our exacting standards.

Innovation in TechnologyCorbo Group living room with whie fireplace
Innovation in design and technology has always been a hallmark of Corbo homes — from the design and construction of more than 15 "Passive Solar" buildings in the 1980s to the 21st century technology packages offered in a Home by Corbo today. We have included 21st century wiring in each of our homes since 1999 as a standard package, allowing our homebuyers to enjoy the benefits of present technologies — and stay equipped for the future.

Every home built by the Corbo Group is pre-wired for a Home Technology and Audio/Video System. We believe that having a home computer network, multiple telephones and audio/video capabilities throughout your entire home should be as basic as running water and electricity. There's no reason a 21st century home should be equipped with 20th century technology.

Responsibility Before Profit
The Corbo Group firmly believes that builders have a responsibility to construct homes that enhance the total community. We do not support building homes that overpower the neighborhood or building site. Profit should not be at the expense of the land, the community or the homeowner. The Corbo Group cares. We recognize that each home carries our signature upon the landscape — and we build every one of our homes with integrity



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